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Prince of Darkness


Even with the controversial satanic imagery in many of his songs, Ozzy Osbourne has become an iconic figure in rock’n’roll.  Although he claims to not be a Satanist, many people believe that his song lyrics prove otherwise.  An example of lyrics that have lead people to believe that Ozzy is a Satanist is in the song “N.I.B.”

The chorus of “N.I.B.” is “Now I have you with me under my power. Our love grows stronger now with every hour.  Look into my eyes; you’ll see who I am.  My name is Lucifer, please take my hand.”  ( These lyrics have lead many people to believe that the song is Ozzy claiming to be Lucifer trying to seduce people into following him.  This interpretation of the lyrics is consistent with the motif of Satan as a temptress as depicted in Paradise Lost.  In Paradise Lost, Satan tempts Eve to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  In this interpretation of the lyrics, Lucifer (Ozzy) is tempting the listener to follow him into a life with sin.  Although it is understandable to interpret the lyrics this way, according to Black Sabbath, they didn’t intend for the lyrics to have this meaning behind them.  They actually meant to have a meaning that is almost the opposite of this interpretation.  The band claims that the song is about how the devil falls in love with a human woman who tempts him to become a good person.  Another misinterpretation that many Ozzy-opposers have is that the name of the song, “N.I.B.” stands for is “Nativity in Black” or “Name in Blood.”  However, the title is actually a result of an inside joke between the band that has nothing to do with Satan or any other demonic ideas.



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  1. Most rock stars in the 1970’s-1980’s used the devil as a symbolic view of the entire band’s beliefs. Ozzy Osbourne’s lyrics have always tripped fans out as he does use his lyrics as Lucifer does to grab hold of peoples interests.

    April 11, 2011 at 10:25 pm

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