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The Omen


On the surface, most would assume that The Omen directly portrays Protestant Christian beliefs.  This is because the movie tells the story of an artifact that is central to the idea of the end of times in the religion, the Antichrist.  Although the movie is about the Antichrist, it fails to emphasize some of the most critical aspects of it in actual Protestant Christian beliefs.

In The Omen, the U.S. Ambassador of Great Britain, Robert Thorne, and his wife, Katherine, have a child that is swapped out at birth for another child.  Although Katherine isn’t aware of the swap, Robert is.  Throughout the child’s life, many things occur that lead the parents to suspect that their son, Damian, isn’t a normal child, such as his nanny sacrificing herself for him and many other bizarre deaths.  Later, a priest from the Rome comes to warn Robert that his son is the Antichrist, and that he will attempt to bring about the end of times, after killing Robert and inheriting all of his political power.  In the movie, this idea is the most consistent with actual Protestant Christian beliefs; that the Antichrist will have political power and will attempt to gain worldwide power, leading to the end of the world.  Even though this part is very consistent with actual religious beliefs, it isn’t emphasized much in the movie.  After this, more bizarre occurrences happen, which convinces Robert to travel to Rome and learn more about the child he had been raising as his son.  While at a cemetery, Robert learns that the mother of Damian is a jackal, indicating that he really is the Antichrist.  In actual Protestant Christian beliefs, the Antichrist will attempt to imitate Christ in every way.  Because of this, he should be the child of an unclean and sinful woman, not a jackal, and the devil.  At the end of the movie, Robert is killed during his attempt to kill Damian, leaving him all of Robert’s political power, just like the priest had warned.



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  1. ca9455

    Good post, I really like how you pinted out that the Antichrist will attempt to imitate Christ in his onw way like being the child of an unclean and sinful women the oposite of Mary but instead is born out of a jackal.

    May 9, 2011 at 7:33 pm

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