Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

Buu vs. Buu

Image Credit: Buu vs. Evil Buu

Video Credit: Majin Buu vs. Evil Grey Buu

As previously viewed in my post on the Demon King Dabura in Dragon Ball Z, the show is full of evil people. Not too long after Dabura’s death, a deeper representation of evil was portrayed. An evil creature named Majin Buu was released on the world, and he was seemingly pure evil, but he had a certain likeable quality as he was so childlike. Similar to other depictions of evil, Buu takes extreme joy in destruction. He enjoys to watching the world burn under his power, but even more than that, he enjoys murdering mass amounts of people. Through the progression of the episodes, he comes to realize, through love and friendship of a man and (ironically) a puppy, that killing people is bad, and he rejects his evil desires on behalf of them. He had always been told he had to kill people, that had been his purpose, but he was faced with the choice to do right, and he did. Like Dabura, Buu had a reverse-fall: rather than being good and becoming evil, Buu was evil, the most powerful and most evil creature the world had ever seen, and yet he was still able to be redeemed to the “good side.” This however, caused an outward projection of an inward conflict. Buu expelled all the evil from his being, and it formed into a cloud, and then into another, more menacing Majin Buu: an “evil” form of himself. The conflict that plagues all people, a conflict of our good and evil sides, suddenly changed from a good versus evil war on the inside, to a good versus evil war in the physical realm. And just as evil can never be completely expelled from one’s being, the “good” Majin Buu was unable to defeat his evil counterpart, and was completely absorbed into the “evil” Buu.


One response

  1. deesdetfc

    This is an interesting point, that evil can never expelled completely. I say this because it is, if only temporarily.

    Buu was like a kid. Only trying to get what he wanted. More like a spoiled brat. He was controlled by others. The evil expelled from him was older, more sober. And more destructive.

    May 14, 2011 at 9:03 pm

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