Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

Dance with the Devil

Video Credit: Dance with the Devil, Immortal Technique, Youtube

NOTE: I was shown this song; it’s not something I would ever listen to. He curses far too much, and the song in itself is really messed up, but it does well to exhibit how dark evil really is. I recommend not listening to it, but if you are really curious go find it on YouTube.

Dance with the Devil is a song by Immortal Technique that follows the actions of a man named Billy Jacobs on his self-destructive path. It is not a mainstream song, as it doesn’t really follow a pattern, but is more of a story of the darkness in people from the start to the end. It exemplifies how dark evil can really be, from normal beginnings all the way to “dancing with the devil forever.” Jacobs starts out with the basics of what most people know are evil and yet accept in life: materialism and vanity. He aspires for cars and money and to make a name for himself, like a real-life Scarface. To get his money, he starts selling drugs, but this is only the first step. The song echoes, “devils used to be gods, angels that fell from the top.” His step into this life caused him to fall deeper. His greed and desire to make something of himself pushed him further down, until the only way he could move on to satisfy his greed was to rape and kill. And thus, one night, as an initiation, he rapes a woman, and then kills himself because of his horrible deed. Once he had committed the crime, he echoed, “I’m fallen and I can’t turn back,” the thought expressed in Faustus that he has done too much evil that he could never be forgiven. The song exemplifies the belief that sin can grow into greater sin and once you go too far God can no longer reach you, exemplified when he cried out but “only the Devil responded, ‘cause God wasn’t there.” That night the others who were there and committed the same heinous act learned, “the devil grows inside the hearts of the selfish and wicked” causing them to fall from a normal life: a beginning in materialism can develop into sins as bad as rape and murder, because humans like the devils, can fall from the top.


One response

  1. ler884

    As you related the man’s suicide to Faustus’ fall it could also correlate to Confessions of a justified sinner when Robert commits the ultimate sin of suicide and is unable to be redeemed. This is his last sin which was preceded by much worse offenses in the name of God instead of the devil as this man’s crimes were.

    May 13, 2011 at 2:45 am

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