Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

Dascent by Christopher Clack

This image created by Christopher Clack depicts a scene of Christ being lowered from the cross. However, in the picture, this happens on a very construction like scale, where it is not discernable whether the people on the ladders are traveling up or down. There are multiple Christ- like figures in the image that are being carried on the ladders. The entire event is being viewed by a spaceman in the bottom left corner and the artist whose image is seen in the background behind the cross. The shroud is encompassing the people on the ladders as well as covering the face of the artist to show that he is not taking an active part in this event.
This image depicts Christ being lowered from the cross as a supernatural event. It is reminiscent of similar religious art works such as the “Last Judgment,” with the lighter, more holy like images being at the top of the image and the darker, more hell like images at the bottom. If Christ is being lowered from the cross in this photograph then it could be said that he is being even more humanized through his death as he is being pulled away from the heaven like entity at the top of the depiction.
The people in the print that are working on the ladders are taking part of or are in control of the phenomenon. Since they are taking Christ down from the cross, it is likely that this representation is also insinuating that they put him up there. The event depicted as a construction scene is suggesting that the crucifixion was a planned job and is therefore necessary for the betterment of mankind. In a way this event helped to build or encourage mankind to move forward.


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