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The Book of Eli

Ignore the advertisement please. This is just a preview for the movie The Book of Eli. However, I would recommend seeing the entire movie, it is really great!
The Book of Eli is a movie telling the story of a post- apocalyptic world in which the main character (Morgan Freeman) is a blind man who has one of the last books in the world. The book he carries with him is a brail bible which he literally guards with his life. Many try to take this from him in order to misuse it to control the remaining people in the world and gain power by lying to others about what the bible actually says.
This movie is a good depiction of how religion has the ability to be exploited for bad causes. Eli wants to protect the book and take it to people he can trust so that the word of God is never lost. However, the antagonist in the movie wants to have the bible in order to have absolute power of those people living under his rule in the post-apocalyptic community. If the bad guy had the bible he could lie about the things it said and tell people that God gave him some extraordinary power. When the antagonist is actually able to retrieve the book, he is unable to read it for it is written in brail. Eli is able to remember every word of the bible which he has read every night and continues on his journey to pass on this written word.
The movie gives an interesting insight into how the world would be if we were to experience an apocalyptic happening and lose all written works. These documents protect our history and identity and when put in the wrong hands have the ability to cause severe harm.


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  1. nbe88

    The main character is actually played by Denzel Washington. This movie is great for insight on how although the world has pretty much ended, there is still hope due to one individual that is willing spread the Word of God and love after protecting it for so long. It also shows how powerful the Bible is and can be since with it in one’s possession can control many with what they deem it says.

    May 13, 2011 at 4:53 pm

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