Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

The Ground Zero Mosque

This artwork represents the anger caused by the plans to build a mosque near ground zero in New York City, New York. Obviously, the picture entails one of the two towers falling as a new mosque is created by its ashes.
The Ground Zero mosque was a recent and highly contested debate that became both political and religious. It was announced last year that a Muslim religious group wanted to build a mosque approximately two blocks away from Ground Zero. Some were so outraged by this event that they claimed this idea to be similar to building a concentration camp near a Holocaust memorial. As radical as that seems, thousands of people were rallying behind the destruction of this plan and therefore negating the ideals that our country was founded on including freedom of speech.
This issue not only tackled freedom of religion but property rights as well. Americans thought that to solve the problem of evil that had befallen them on September 11, 2001 they should then marginalize a religious group who was not at all responsible for these acts or entirely representative of the enemy country. Such issues as this one demonstrate how inadequate humans really are to handle or be judges of such situations.
The Ground Zero mosque earned its ridiculous name in the media through these much televised and discussed debates. However, the name has a very negative connotation and is completely biased by implying that the plans to build the mosque were to directly build it on top of ground zero instead of two blocks away as they were in reality. September 11, 2001 gave rise to many religious debates which had had no grounds previously. As the event becomes farther away in the past people are forced to create new issues to pursue their nonsensical arguments.


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