Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

The Pick of Destiny

In The Pick of Destiny with Jack Black and Kyle Gass, two guitarists travel to Hollywood to form the world’s greatest band, Tenacious D.  They discover the most well kept secret of rock: all rock legends used the same guitar pick, The Pick of Destiny.  This pick was said to be created from Satan’s tooth by a dark wizard and to have supernatural powers.  The person using the pick was said to have unnatural ability with musical instruments.

Jack and Kyle decide to steal the pick from a rock history museum.  They manage to get the pick due to guards being high on weed.  They decide that they will use the earnings from a gig at a local bar’s talent contest to pay rent.  They end up fighting over the pick and break it in half.  They decide they are good enough to play anyway.  The bar owner happens to be Satan in human form.  He is in human form because he is incomplete without his tooth.  He confronts them and transforms into the more demonic version of himself and can use his powers.  They challenge him to a guitar off which Satan must accept because of the demon code.  If Tenacious D wins, Satan must return to hell and pay their rent.  If Satan wins, he gets to take Kyle with him.  They lose, but Satan shoots a bolt of energy at Kyle which Jack deflects with his guitar and hits Satan, blowing off Satan’s horn.

Even with Satan’s power, he is controlled because of his vulnerability.  When he is not complete, he is diminished.  This is a light hearted look at Satan, but it also touches on the idea that Satan can’t control everything, and can be defeated.  It’s all in the strings.

Video Credit: Youtube


One response

  1. chrismfdaniels

    I love how Tenacious Destiny exudes this 1960’s and 70’s devil rock persona. It reminds me of what rock music was supposed to be when it was about fighting the ruling class. Not to mention that any retelling of the Devil went down to Georgia is enjoyable.

    May 14, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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