Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

Kre8tor What If

Kre8tor is a former hustler and gang boss who was caught in a web of deception, betrayal, and murder.

One of Kre8tor’s enemies set him and put him in jail.  There a fellow inmate leads Kre8tor to Christ.  After his sentence is served, Kre8tor has the choice of living out his reformed ways or succumbing to pressure to old ways.  The girl he’s in a relationship tells him that he needs to hustle or she’ll leave.  He lets her go.

Kre8tor then formed DoubleEdgeMinistries, where he produces videos, film and media to spread the Good Word, The Gospel.

In the video What If sung by Kre8tor, he sings about his life, and contemplates what if he’s right, what if the ones who persecute him or ignore God are wrong.  What if you died tonight?  He’s saying think about it.  It’s easy to forget about what’s going to happen at the end.  Death seems so far away.  There is this idea of a personal fable.  A personal fable is defined as thinking that things don’t happen to you, so you can be a little careless.  He speaks to the ambivalent and the attackers, those with a view point and those without one at all.  The idea is, what if?  What if there is a God, a Heaven and a Hell?  You can decide not to believe and risk eternity in torment, or you can actually have a better life and have the reward of the Heaven to come.  If there is no Heaven, then what do you lose?  After awhile, things like debauchery, death, drugs, alcohol, money, vices, and sex consume your life and you are left with emptiness, if you make those things in themselves your life.  Instead you can have the goodness and abundance of life and reap rewards in Heaven.

The problem of evil is addressed with Kre8tor’s story: The place he was gave him the ability to reach those that other blue collar workers could not.  He is able to relate to people others will never be able to.  Evil is overcome, and evil used.


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