Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

Black Sabbath

Something that makes me upset is when people say stay away from Rock music, it’s from the devil. In particular, Ozzy and Black Sabbath. Where did the name Black Sabbath come from?

The name Black Sabbath came from a combination of things obviously. But the kicker was the song “Black Sabbath” that Butler wrote after seeing “black silhouette figure at the foot of his bed.” The figure than turns and runs away from the “chosen one.” Even with a “Black Sabbath,” God still triumphs.

In this music video of the song Black Sabbath, you can clearly see the crosses that the guitarist and singer are wearing.

Metal. Country. Rock. Jazz. Blues. You. God treats us all as one. What difference does it make that you’re using electric guitars or a choir? In fact, Black Sabbath might save lives that would never be touched by a choir. There’s a reason for everything.

Black Sabbath is extremely straightforward in the following interview of Butler and song lyrics:

“I used to read a lot about all that. But any lyrics that I or Ozzy wrote were actually warnings against Satanism, telling people that if you are going to dabble in that, just be careful… I had a very strict Catholic upbringing, so I read a lot about Satan. But we never, ever promoted Satanism or black magic, we only used it as a reference, and it wasn’t our only topic. We wrote a lot of science fiction lyrics, anti-Vietnam war songs, the occult was only dealt with in three or four songs. But people completely misinterpreted them, the way they always do… Sabbath even did a blatantly pro-God, Christian hymn type of song, ‘After Forever’, and people still took it the wrong way. They thought we were taking the piss out of it!”

I don’t know much about God or the inner workings of Black Sabbath and what not. All that I am asking is that you think before you judge.

Video Credit: Youtube


One response

  1. jlai1226

    Rock music has the tendency of wanting to appear rebellious and controversial. Black Sabbath does go for a sinister/occult like feel and look and at that time it was new and brought a lot of attention to them. I am a big Black Sabbath fan and I definitely don’t think they are satanic or anything, but I think many bands to try to have an evil aura to try to bring about some attention and controversy.

    May 14, 2011 at 8:56 pm

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