Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible, the supposed Word of God.  In my opinion and in many others, it is the Good News.  What is the Good News?  Assurance from the problem of evil is one aspect of it.

Why would a loving God allow this?  Pain, suffering, emptiness, loss, death.  It’s not fair, right?

The story of Job talks of a man who loses his wealth, children and health so that he would disclaim God.  Satan tempts him the whole time.  But Job, Job never accuses God for what happened.  And in the end everything is redeemed and he gains more than what he had.  Job’s brothers said that he must have sinned and is being punished.  One of Job’s younger brothers says to Job’s brothers “Thinkest thou this to be right, that thou saidst, My righteousness is more than God’s” (KJV, Job 35:2)?  Job puts them in their places.  Who are they to question God?  What do they know of His plan?  And because of Job’s faith through his trials, everything is restored even more than he ever imagined.  That’s what faith can do.

Another answer to the problem of evil is that it comes from our free will.  With the fall of Man evil came into the world.  Evil and death.  But because God loves us, and because He did not want us to merely be puppets, He gave us free will.  There’s a million discussions on free will and predestination, but that’s a discussion for another time.   With free will we also have the ability to sin and do evil.  That doesn’t answer the question why bad things happen to people, not from people.

The answer to why bad things happen to people goes back to Job.  God doesn’t do these things to people, but rather they are allowed to happen.  There’s a difference.  And with trials, pain and suffering, when relief is finally brought through God’s glory shines all the more when they trust in Him, get closer to Him, and He delivers.  How much would you trust someone if all you had left in the world was one person, and they brought back all your dreams, hopes, wants and thoughts unseen compared to if you already had it?  It’s like raw gold.  When it goes through the fire (trials), it is worth all the more, the impurities (unstable parts of faith) are drawn out (faith is that much stronger than it would’ve been).  You see how much you truly need God in your life.


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