Solving the problem of evil in the twenty-first century

Theodicy in Me

In what will be the first of four blog post tonight I ask myself what is blogging about theodicy?  First I look to theodicy. The definition of theodicy is a theological or philosophical study which attempts to justify God’s intrinsic nature of omni-benevolence omniscience and omnipotence , despite the existence of evil which, in the view of some, would otherwise stand to refute one or more of these qualities or God’s existence altogether, according to Wikipedia.  So before I start blogging about others belief in God within this world I must first describe how I believe in God in these trying times.

I’ve never thought of myself as a spiritual person. I’ve always been a major holiday Catholic, enjoying the fringe benefits of Easter and midnight mass services, but true spirituality in these environments escaped me. It wasn’t until the first time that I tried mushrooms that I finally understood the idea of an omniscient omnipresent force within this world. It was under the influence of these small fungi that I was finally able to look within myself and see that I was just a part of something larger. I wasn’t just part of the human race even though that at the time I felt that all humans were basically good, but something more. Something told me that all of this (motions hands around) was part of something beautiful given to us as humans.  If I could relate it to anything I would link it to those 16th century philosophers that based their belief in God on the fact that Earth and its creatures seem to project an element of design to them.  Yet I didn’t feel designed. I felt organic, and as if I was already in heaven.  That’s when I understood that God surrounds us.


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